120 Watt Solar Cynergy Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

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120 Watt Solar Cynergy semi-flexible monocrystalline solar panel.  This represents the newest generation of portable solar panels.  Small, light, and thin, these panels are the easiest way to get power wherever you need it.  Got a campsite? Just hang these panels up for lights, computers, phones, anything! Super efficient solar cells allow this amazing panel to be a very small 21.25" X 51.5" making it easy to throw in your car for power on the go.

These low voltage panels work great with an inexpensive PWM controller, or step up to a MPPT for maximum performance.  Expect to see 5-6 amps when the sun is shining, 1-2 amps on those cloudier days. 

 Pmax: 120 W
 Vmp: 19.8 V
 Imp: 6.36 A
 Voc: 23.7 V
 Isc: 6.06 A
 Size: 51.5 x 21.25" x .15"

 Weight: 4.85 lbs