Tektrum 15 amp Solar Charge Controller

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The Tekktrum 15 Amp charge controller is a great upgrade for the lower voltage panels.  Since this controller does not convert higher voltage modules to lower voltage, you must use 18 volt panels for a 12 volt system and 36 volt panels for 24 volt operation.  Led indicators show battery state of charge. Easy installation.


Model: MPPT15 15A
Rated Voltage: 12V/24V
Max Load current: 15A
Input voltage range: 12V~20V/24V~40V
Length≤1m Charge loop drop: <0.25V
Length≤1m Discharge loop drop: <0.05V
Full charge cut: 13.7V~14.4V/27.4V~28.8V
Low voltage cut: 10.5V~11V/21V~22V
Temperature compensation: -3mv/℃/cell
No load loss: ≤10mA
Max wire area: 2.5mm2