470 Watt Schuco Basic Solar Panel Kit.

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        If you want the luxury of modern living for your small cabin, shop or RV, this 470 Watt, High Voltage/MPPT basic kit is the place to start. Generating the power are two Schuco 235 Watt solar panels running through a Tracer 40 Amp MPPT charge controller.  With these components you can really push some big amps into your batteries and enjoy many of life's electrically powered pleasures. Phones, TV's computers, lights, music, easy. Efficient fridges or microwaves under good conditions.  This 470 Watt kit will generate enough clean, silent power to easily charge a couple of the big L-16 batteries here:




       This powerful system can do a nice job fulfilling the needs of someone who wants to live beyond just the minimum. Dry camping in comfort becomes possible with this much power.  

Included in kit:

2- 235 Watt Schuco MPE235 PS09 Polycrystalline Solar Panels. 


1- 40 Amp, Tracer 4210 MPPT Charge Controller. 


20' Red specialty wire with MC-4 connector attached.

20' Black specialty wire MC-4 connector attached.

1- Connectors for deep cycle battery.


Don't forget the optional meter, see it here: http://www.lightharvestsolar.com/catalog/item/8735073/10022420.htm


This is a great system if there is a long distance between the solar array and the batteries.  Line loss can be a big problem with 12 volt systems but greatly reduced with this efficient high voltage system.  The amazing Tracer 4210RN MPPT charge controller will take the high voltage at low amperage, and convert it to low voltage at high amperage, pulling every last watt out of those panels.