380W, 2 x Topoint JTM190-72M Monocrystalline Solar Panel Basic Kit

Price: $575.00

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This Kit includes:

2-  Topoint JTM190-72M Monocrystalline Solar Panels

1- SRNE 3024,  30 Amp digital MPPT Solar Charge Controller

1 pair of parallel cables.

15 feet of 10-2, 10 guage, polarity coded, solar specialty wire with MC-4 connectors attached.

Add more wire here: http://www.lightharvestsolar.com/catalog/item/8735074/10001706.htm


We also have a deluxe kit that includes 20 feet of wire, 12 mounting brackets and 2 fuses (with butt connectors and shrink wrap) for $610.