450 Watt, 2- 225 W Topoint Basic Solar Panel Kit

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 Topoint 450W 2- JTM225-60P Polycrystalline Solar Panel Kit   

450 Watts is a pretty powerful kit, about the beginning of what it takes if you want to live year round in a small space. Tiny homes love these.

When the sun is shining this can charge a big battery bank fast.  We would recommend a 400-600 AH of 12 Volt batteries.

Perfect for the bigger RV systems or mobile power generator.

Properly equipped this could be an amazing portable power unit, run saws, fridges, speakers, lights.  If you need power but there's no plug nearby, solar's the answer.

Included in kit:

2- 225W Topoint JTM225-60P Polycrystalline Solar Panels


1- Tracer 4210 MPPT Charge Controller

20 feet of red and black solar specialty wire with MC-4 connectors attached.


Why is this kit better than the standard internet kits?

Better price, better performance, better quality, easier installation. Bigger, industrial grade panels are much better and less expensive but are too big to ship economically. In order to combat this, internet kits tend to spaghetti noodle 3-5 smaller, shippable panels together and wire them in parallel with a PWM controller.There are many disadvantages in terms of power generated, line loss and complicated installation.  Big panels and MPPT's are the only way to go here, we try not to put together PWM systems over 300W.

Local pickup in Portland Oregon is highly recommended. If you do need this kit shipped, it goes freight to your nearest dock.  If you're on the west coast, shipping runs about $150-200, the further from Portland the more expensive. Call for quote.