675 Watt, 3- 225 W Topoint Solar Panel Kit

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     Pushing the amps through our Topoint 675 Watt Solar kit is 3- 225 Watt Solar panels running through a top of the line, Outback FLEXmax 60 Amp MPPT charge controller.

What you don't want to do:

      The last thing we want to do with a system this big is patch 6 or 7 tiny panels together in parallel, running huge amps through small wire into a cheapy PWM controller, let alone deal with the hassle of mounting multiple panels securely and dealing with a million connections.  This is what you get from most of the internet kits and it's the wrong way to build a solar system.

What you do want to do:

     Use bigger, better, industrial panels.  Bring the voltage up on them (bringing amps down) so that we don't lose all our power in the lines, allowing longer wire runs. We then put them through a proper MPPT controller to bring that voltage to 12 volts where it needs to be, near the batteries.  There is a huge advantage to this type of system.  Less expensive and WAY BETTER

     You'll be generating fairly big power, capable of charging a 400-700 AH battery bank.  This would be really nice for a cabin or tiny home, you could live there full time if you were conservative.


This kit includes:

3- 225W Topoint JTM225-60P Polycrystalline Solar Panel,


1- Outback Power FLEXmax 60 MPPT Charge Controller


20 feet of red/black solar specialty wire with MC-4 Connectors attached

10 feet of #6 Use-2 stranded wire with lugs


     Our basic kits come with everything you need to charge your batteries but we do need to consider a few things.  The most important thing is fusing.  A kit this size generates serious power and it should be taken seriously, which means fuse it, everywhere.  Lightharvest Solar sells a variety of options depending on the application.  A nice electrical box with code grade breakers and distribution bars might be $130 where the bare minimum may be $25.

     Mounting is also a consideration with array's this size.  Lightharvest Solar stocks SunModo racks and we can help you find something that works with your project, expect $30 - $250.

     Local pickup in Portland Oregon is highly recommended. If you do need this kit shipped, it goes freight to your nearest dock and the price is pretty reasonable.  If you're on the West Coast, shipping runs about $150-200, the further from Portland the more expensive, the East Coast might be $400 . Call 503-501-7733 for quote.