900 Watt Solar Kit, 4- 225 Watt Topoint Solar Panels

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     Don't buy that generator! These powerful Topoint 225W Solar Panels will thoroughly outperform even the bigger ones. These panels are the best value at Lightharvest Solar which makes getting a powerful system within anyones budget. 900 Watts of power will easily charge a good size battery bank every day, a good range is 600-1200 AH.

     If you have the right battery bank, things like fridges, tools, microwaves are possible as well as the standard lights, computer, phone.  This is a typical size for a small cabin with a very nice system. 

This 900 Watt Kit includes:

4- 225W Topoint JTM225-60P Polycrystalline Solar Panels:


1- Midnite Solar classic 150 MPPT Solar Charge Controller:


30 feet of red/black solar specialty wire.

10 feet of #6 stranded copper wire with lugs.

1 Pair of Parallel Y Cables.

This kit comes with everything necessary to charge 12 Volt batteries.  Since this is a serious system, we often use an electrical box with breakers and bus bars to distribute the power.  Batteries, racks, inverters and wire are all additional things we need to consider.