1350 Watt Solar Kit with 6- Topoint 225 Watt Panels

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     Don't buy that generator! These powerful Topoint 225W Solar Panels will thoroughly outperform even the bigger ones. These panels are the best value at Lightharvest Solar which makes getting a powerful system within anyones budget. 1350 Watts of power will easily charge a bigger battery bank every day, a good range is 800-1600 AH.

     If you have the right battery bank, things like fridges, tools, microwaves should be easy to run as well as the standard lights, computer, phone.   We've had good luck running small Air Conditioning units with this much solar power. This will power about 300 square feet very well on up to about 800 square feet with light electrical requirements.

This is a very effective system for a small cabin or tiny home.

This Kit includes:

6- 225W Topoint JTM225-60P Polycrystalline Solar Panels:


1- Midnite Solar classic 150 MPPT Solar Charge Controller:


40 feet of #10 red/black solar specialty wire.

10 feet of #6 stranded copper wire with lugs.

1 Pair of Parallel Y Cables.

This kit comes with everything necessary to charge 12 Volt batteries.  Since this is a serious system, we often use an electrical box with breakers and bus bars to distribute the power.  Batteries, racks, inverters and wire are all additional things we need to consider.