510 Watt (2- 255 watt Phono Solar panels) Kit

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      Providing the power for this great kit are 2 top quality, Tier 1, Phono 255 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panels. These modules pack a powerful 510 Watt Punch and can charge batteries in a hurry. We recommend a minimum of 450 amp Hours of batteries with this much power. The Phono panels are a higher voltage and must be transformed down to 12 volts with the proper MPPT charge controller (included). Great for medium size RV's or off grid cabins, this is about the minimum that you can comfortably live in long term.


The basic kit comes with:

2- 255 Watt Phono Solar Panels:


40 Amp Tracer A series MPPT charge controller:


20 feet of wire

MC4 connector


The deluxe kit comes with:

10 extra feet of wire

1 Mini ANL fuse holder with fuse

12 mounting brackets

2 Midnite solar Breakers

Electrical box

2 bus bars

15 ft #4 wire