300 Watt Canadian Solar CS6K-300MS Monocrystalline Deluxe Kit, $1.80/Watt

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This is a super nice kit and is a great choice for all kinds of applications. Getting a  single, top quality 300 Watt, industrial solar panel with a nice MPPT controller and hardware for a $1.80/ Watt is pretty impressive. 

Power like this makes it possible to charge 80 Amp Hours (AH) to 300AH of Lithium battery or 150 AH to 500 AH of Lead Acid effectively.  The high side of practical would be about 300 AH (100 Lbs)of Lithium, and about 500 pounds of Lead Acid (about 500AH).

We've been building a ton of these systems with 2 100 AH Lithium batteries, a 2500 Watt inverter and Load Center/ Converter with awesome results.



The 300 Watt Kit includes:

- A 300 Watt Canadian Solar CS6K-300MS Monocrystalline solar panel


- A SRNE ML2430 MPPT charge controller


- 30 feet of 10-2 wire with MC-4 connectors

- 6 Z mounting Brackets

- 2 Inline blade fuses

- 2 Ring Connectors