1220 Watt, 4- 305 Watt Hanwha QPeak-G4.1 305 Monocrystalline Solar Kit

Price: $2,055.00

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If you want a 12 Volt solar kit, this is about as nice as it comes for a number of reasons:

- About the most powerful, efficient 12 volt kit you can make (with a single charge controller). 

- All this power from 4 panels, imagine trying to mount and wire 12, 100 Watt panels!

- Top of the line Panels, top of the line controller.

- UL rated, industrial components.

- Way higher performing than even a bigger generator, without the many downsides. Nobody likes the noise, stink, maintenance, fuel cost, and hassle of generators.  Your neighbors will thank you. 

This kit is perfect for that small cabin or big RV (be sure to check your roof space) and is capable of generating enough power to live on for extended periods.  With modern Lithium batteries it's pretty easy to have performance that is close to what you're used to at home, particularly in the long, sunny summer days.  This means you can likely have unlimited power for the easy things like lights/computers/phone/TV.  Most refrigerators at most times won't be a problem.  If you use Lithium batteries, it becomes possible to run things like air conditioning, electric stove, hot water, coffee pots, hair dryers, big tools, vacuums, the list goes on and on.  Propane can become obsolete with this much power, saving lots of money.

We recommend 200AH to 600AH of Lithium batteries here. 


The 1220 Watt Kit includes:

- 4- 305 Watt Qpeak-G4.1 300 Hanwha solar panels

- A Midnite Solar classic 150 charge controller

- 40 feet of 10-2 wire with MC-4 connectors

-Midnite Solar MNEDCQUAD Breaker Box, 30A input breaker, 100A output breaker.

- 12 feet of #4 wire

- Lugs

- A pair of parallel connectors

Since every application is different, this is the bare minimum needed to charge a 12 Volt battery and does not include things like batteries, inverter, mounting brackets, electrical distribution blocks, racks, etc. We stock all of these things and can help to make your installation successful. We're here to help you understand what it takes to get up and running.

  • Local pickup in Portland, Oregon highly recommended.  Shipping is by freight to your nearest dock where you can pick them up.  Cost ranges from about $175 to $350 depending on how far away from Portland Oregon you are.