900 Watt, 3- 300 Watt Hanwha QPeak-G4.1 300 Monocrystalline Basic Kit

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 Don't buy that generator! These powerful QPeak-G4.1 300W Solar Panels will thoroughly outperform even the bigger ones. These panels are the best value at Lightharvest Solar which makes getting a powerful system within anyone's budget. 900 Watts of power will easily charge a good size battery bank every day, a good range is 600-1200 AH.

     If you have the right battery bank, things like fridges, tools, microwaves are possible as well as the standard lights, computer, phone.  This is a typical size for a small cabin with a very nice system. 

The 900 Watt kit includes:

- 3- 300 Watt Qpeak-G4.1 300 Hanwha solar panels

- A Midnite Solar Classic 150 charge controller

- 40 feet of 10-2 tray cable with MC-4 connectors

- 12 feet of #4 wire

- Lugs

This is the bare minimum needed to charge a 12 Volt battery it does not include bus bars, mounting brackets, fuses or breakers.