915 Watt, 3- 300 Watt Hanwha QPeak-G4.1 305 Monocrystalline Basic Kit

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 Don't buy that generator! These powerful QPeak-G4.1 300W Solar Panels will thoroughly outperform even the bigger ones. These panels are the best, most efficient panels at Lightharvest Solar.  900 Watts of power will easily charge a good size battery bank every day, a good range is 300-600 AH of Lithium (by FAR the best) or 600-1200 AH of Lead Acid.

     If you have the right battery bank, things like fridges, tools, microwaves, coffee pots, small hot water heaters, are possible as well as the standard lights, computer, phone.  This is a perfect size for a small cabin with a very nice system. 

The 915 Watt kit includes:

- 3- 305 Watt Qpeak-G4.1 300 Hanwha solar panels

- A Midnite Solar Classic 150 charge controller

- 40 feet of 10-2 tray cable with MC-4 connectors

- 12 feet of #4 wire

- Lugs

This is the bare minimum needed to charge a 12 Volt battery it does not include bus bars, mounting brackets, fuses or breakers.