590 Watt. 2-295 Watt JA Solar MPPT Solar Kit, $1.52/Watt

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590 Watt JA Solar MPPT Solar Panel Kit with 2 SMX-295 Watt Monocrystalline Panels  (Model #:JAM60S02-295/PR)

     If you want some real amps, this 590 watt powerhouse is the place to start.  This would be the on the high side of what would be appropriate for 2 golf cart batteries and is a good match for 2 L-16 Lead Acid or 2 big Lithium batteries.

    Perfect for those RV's that want long term off grid camping systems.  This is about what it becomes viable to 590 watts is a sweet spot in the power/ price range and can render those generators useless in a hurry.  Lights, Phones, computer, and T.V. will be no match. With Lithium batteries, refrigerators, tools, the microwave or hair drier will be at your every whim, maybe a small air conditioner a few hours a day.  Perfect for a medium size RV or small cabin.

Industrial grade/MPPT systems are better, and 2 panels can charge even big 12 volt batteries.

Our JA Solar kits are the best value in terms of price per watt.

These are industrial grade, American made, UL listed solar panels and when you mate them to a high quality MPPT charge controller, you get the best system out there. Great for medium-large RV's or off grid cabins.

Prices just keep falling on these amazing devices, making mobile power affordable, easy and effective. Properly equipped this could be an amazing portable power unit. If you need power but there's no plug nearby, solar's the answer.


The 590 Watt Kit includes:

- Two 295 JA Solar JAM60S02-295/PR Monocrystalline solar panel


- A SRNE ML2440 MPPT charge controller


- 40 feet of 10-2 wire with MC-4 connectors

- 12 Z mounting Brackets

- 2 Inline blade fuses

- 2 Ring Connectors


Why is this kit better than the smaller mail order solar kits?

There are lots of reasons on a system this powerful.   It's just too hard to mount and wire enough small panels to generate 590 Watts.

Aside from that there's the Better price, better performance, better quality with easier installation. Bigger, UL rated industrial grade panels are much better and less expensive but are too big to ship economically. In order to combat this, mail order kits use multiple small, more expensive, low production, low power, lower quality panels, then mate them to a low cost, low performance PWM charge controller.  This means lots of mounting holes in your roof and complicated, spaghetti noodled wires if you want real power. There are lots of disadvantages to mail order system in terms of power generated, line loss and complicated installation.  Big panels and MPPT's are the only way to go, cheaper, easier and higher performing.

65 x 39.25 x 1.57in per panel



Local pickup in Portland Oregon is highly recommended. If you do need this kit shipped, it goes freight to your nearest dock.  If you're on the west coast, shipping runs about $150-200, the further from Portland the more expensive. Call for quote.