1020 W, 4 Panel Solar Kit with 255 W SunSpark Panels, $1.78/Watt

Price: $1,785.00

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With this giant, 4 panel, 1020 Watt kit we start to move toward the highest power that is reasonable for 12 Volt systems. This is perfect for those cabins up to about 800 square feet.  With the appropriate battery bank, you can start to live a lifestyle that is similar to home.  Lithium batteries are by far the best way to go and you would want a 300-800 AH bank.  Lead Acid might be 600-1200 AH.

Getting 4 of these big panels is tough on RV roofs (unless you have no vents, etc.), but if you can, it would be a very high performing system.

Perfect for cabins that need long term off grid capabilities  

Lights, Phones, computer, and T.V. will be no match. With good batteries expect to run, refrigerators, tools, the microwave or hair drier, coffee pots, small water heaters, small air conditioners, big tools, the list goes on and on. 

Industrial grade/MPPT systems are better and it's practically impossible to build a good system this big with small mail order panels.

Our Sunspark kits are the best value in terms of price per watt.

These are industrial grade, American made, UL listed solar panels and when you mate them to a high quality Midnite Solar MPPT charge controller, you get the best system out there. Great for medium-large RV's or off grid cabins.

Prices just keep falling on these amazing devices, making mobile power affordable, easy and effective. Properly equipped this could be an amazing portable power unit. If you need power but there's no plug nearby, solar's the answer.

The 1020 Watt kit includes:

- 4- 255 W Sunspark Solar Panels

- A Midnite Solar Classic 150 charge controller

- 40 feet of 10-2 tray cable with MC-4 connectors

-15 feet of #4 welding wire

-Parallel Y cables

- Lugs