158 Watt DM Solar Basic Solar Panel Kit

Price: $280.00

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This kit comes with everything you need to directly charge any 12 volt car, boat or RV battery.

There are endless uses for solar and these powerful DM 158 panels charge at a strong 8.47 amp peak rate. Solar is a great alternative to unpleasant generators and at this price there is no comparison.  Your neighbors and your batteries will thank you.  These are high quality monocrystalline panels with tough aluminum frames and impact resistant glass. They measure 58.27" X 26.58" X 1.4" and weigh 26 pounds. 6 year product warranty, 25 year output warranty.  158 watts is perfect for a small RV or off grid cabin.  This great panel can completely charge 2 batteries in one sunny day and should have no problem with LED lights, phones, computers and the occasional TV, microwave, or efficient refrigerator.

Included in kit:

1-158 Watt Solar Panel for 12 volt systems.

1-20 Amp Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) charge controller (can handle 2 panels for future expansion).

10 feet of red professional quality specialty wire with MC-4 connectors attached.

10 feet of black professional quality specialty wire with MC-4 connectors attached.

1-Hardware kit with connectors for deep cycle battery.



 36pcs of 6" mono-crystalline solar cells - Made in Germany
 Cell Efficiency: 18%
 Max Voltage: 1000V
 Pmax: 158W
 Vmp: 18.9V
 Imp: 8.47A
 Voc: 22.7V
 Isc: 8.76A
 Size: 58.9 x 26.2"x1.31"

 Weight: 26.4lbs

These are perfect for any application where a 12 volt battery needs to be charged including RV's, Off-grid, Cabins, Boats, Sheds, Solar Generators, remote lights, emergency kits, gates, pumps, the uses are endless.  Go through a common, inexpensive inverter for 120 volts AC.  Great for anything that needs power where there is none.

few quick advantages of solar:

Quiet .

No flammable, cumbersome, stinky, expensive fuel.

Costs less than a generator.

Works all day every day for 25+ years.

No fumes.

No pollution.

No Maintenance.