235 Watt Schuco Solar Panel Kit for charging 12 or 24 Volt batteries.

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This is a complete kit with everything you need to charge any 12 or battery bank.

Providing the power for this great kit is a quality Schuco MPE235 PS09 Polycrystalline Solar Panel.  This module packs a powerful 235 watt punch and can charge batteries in a hurry.  We recommend a minimum of 150 Amp Hours(AH) af battery with this much power.  235 Watts is a good match for two to four batteries. The Schuco solar panels are a higher voltage and must be transformed down to 12 volts with the proper MPPT charge controller, which is included in the kit. This efficient controller will work hard to extract every last amp out of your panel.  Great for larger RV's or small off grid cabins. 

 Included in this kit:

1-235 watt Schuco MPE235 PS09 Solar Panel.

1-20 Amp Digital MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

15 Feet of 10-2 Solar Specialty Wire with MC-4 Connectors





Module power Pmax, W                      235
Rated voltage Vmpp, V                       29.16
Rated current Impp, A                         8.06
Open circuit voltage Voc, V                37.56
Short circuit current Isc, A                  8.56
Maximum system voltage, V               600

Max series fuse rating A                     15 

Module dimensions:

Length: 65.03"
Width: 39.13"

Thickness: 1.77"
Weight: 48.1 lb.

Polycrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic solar cells
Cell dimension: 6.14'' x 6.14''
60 Cells
Junction box: 1 box IP65 with 3 bypass diodes, MC-4 Connectors.

Engineered in Germany, made in the China.

   This panel is for pickup only at our Portland, Oregon location.  They are just too big to ship economically in quantities less than 4, please contact Lighthatvest solar at 503-501-7733 for a  quantity shipping quote.