All-in-one Power Stations

These portable units really pack away the power! With two battery sizes to choose from (1800Wh and 2400Wh) and a built in 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter you'll be having more fun in more places! From fajitas in the forest to laptops at the lake, you'll feel like you're on the grid no matter how far off it you land.

The integrated MPPT Charge Controller can take any DC input up to 60V and 10A, meaning it can handle the output of ANY of our top-of-the-line solar panels! Just plug in nearly any panel with the included MC-4 connector cable, put your panel in the sun, and you're off the grid!

These portable all in one units are a great option for first-time solar system builders who want to go off grid quickly and easily, without having to design a whole custom system. Perfect for vans and tiny homes, weekend warriors, and space-constrained minimalists.

We also offer custom system design if these aren't your perfect fit. You may find you need more battery, or a bigger inverter, and we're here with solutions. Get in touch today!