77 Watt Cadmium Telluride, DM77 Solar Panel for 12 Volt Systems.

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     These 77 Watt CdTe Solar panels are perfect for charging 12 Volt battery in your smaller solar applications like sheds, campers, outbuildings, or weekend cabins. These attractive frameless panels are black, making for a subtle installation.  Included are 4 mounts, which attach the panels to a flat surface or rail.
     77 Watts is a good size where occasional use is what you need.  Charging a single deep cycle battery generally takes about a day in the long summer days and 4-5 days in the worst Oregon winter.  Computers, phones, tablets and lights are easy with this much power.
     These panels are meant to charge 12 volt batteries with an inexpensive PWM charge controller.  Lightharvest Solar also has a kit with the panel, connector, charge controller and wire for $150, see it here: http://www.lightharvestsolar.com/catalog/item/8768050/10187427.htm

* Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) thin film solar cell technology
* Cell Efficiency: 12%+
* Max Voltage: 1000V
* Pmax: 77 Watts + 3W
* Vmp: 16.8V
* Imp: 4.58 Amps
* Voc: 22.4V
* Isc: 4.89A
* Size: Frameless glass-to-glass laminate 47.24"(1200mm)x23.62"(600mm)x0.25"(6.8mm)
* Weight: 25.96lbs

* 25-year power output warranty and 10-year materials and workmanship warranty