315 Watt Canadian Solar CS3K-315MS Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Price: $330.00

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Prices on the super efficient panels continue to drop and these 315 Watt Canadian Solar CS3K-315MS Monocrystalline solar panels are bringing the big power for a small price. The main advantage with a panel like this in an RV or cabin is that you can get huge power from a single panel instead of putting 2 or 3 small panels together with lots of holes in your roof and complicated wiring. Expect to see upwards of 20 Amps on the good days. A single 315 Watt panel will easily charge 80-300 AH of Lithium batteries. The smaller, less powerful internet panels are no match for this top quality industrial panel!

Bulk pricing for 315W Canadian Solar panels:
Single Solar Panel: $330 each, $1.08 per Watt
3 panels, $900, 900 Watts, $1 per watt. 3-5 panels $300 Each.
6 panels, $1725, 1800 Watts, $.96 Per watt. 6-9 Panels $287.5 Each
10 panels, $2750, 3000 Watts, $.89 Per watt. 10-14 Panels $275 Each
15 panels, $3975, 4500 Watts, $.87 Per watt. 15-21 Panels $265 Each
22-31 panels, $.84 Per watt. $255 Each


Full Pallet of 32 panels, $7680, 9760 Watts, $.79 Per watt. $240 Each

Link to datasheet:  https://www.canadiansolar.com/upload/bc48dbe8c5c41fed/ab28643aabcece82.pdf


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