360 Watt Solaria PowerXT-360R-PD

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360 Watt Solaria Solar Panel

     This is the latest, most efficient version of the Solaria PowerXT series. It is the tip top of the line solar panel and in our opinion, the best panel made today.  Not only is it super efficient and top quality, it's a little bit more square than a typical 60 cell solar panel making it a better fit for van roofs like Sprinters, Promasters, or Transits.  It has a unique construction method using smaller cells with multiple parallel strings which allow it to have superior performance under partial shading.  One panel is a perfect match for 150-400 AH of (preferably Lithium) batteries.  

Excellent aesthetics, this is a beautiful iridescent matte black with black frame.

This is the panel to go with when space is tight and you want the most power you can get.