Remote Meter for Tracer series charge controllers

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MT-5 Remote meter for Tracer Series MPPT Charge controllers.

With this useful meter you won't be flying blind.

The meter displays:

      Solar panel voltage, battery voltage, battery current, load voltage, load current, battery capacity AH, battery temp., battery capacity percentage, temp. compensation, battery capacity AH, battery type(Flooded Lead Acid, Gel, Absorbed Gas Mat), accumulated AH, discharging accumulation WH.


     The digital Remote Meter displays system operating information, error indications, as well as a self-diagnostics read-out. Information is displayed on a nice backlit LCD display. The large numerical display and icons are easy to read and large buttons make navigating the meter menus easy. The meter can be flush mounted in a wall or surface mounted using the mounting frame (included). The MT-5 is supplied with 2m of cable and a mounting frame. The MT-5 connects to the RJ45 port on the Tracer.