SRNE ML4860, 60 Amp MPPT Digital Solar Charge Controller

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60 Amp SRNE ML4860 Digital MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

At LightHarvest Solar, we use our off-grid showroom to test products, so we know what's the best, and the SRNE MPPT controllers are our current favorite at any price.  Let me tell you why:

-BIG, relavent display, this is a big deal because we HAVE to be able to easily see our battery voltage at all times, it's our fuel gauge. This controller also tells you Amps into your battery which is your rate of recharge, very nice to know. Some controllers flash endless irrelevant data, most have tiny numbers, some don't have meters at all. This is where most controllers fall short.

-True MPPT,  tons of controllers on the internet are not MPPT but are marketed as such.  These SRNE controllers are not only true MPPT's but the best we've seen with all the right features. Efficiently converts up to 150 Volts down to 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V and bumps that amperage way up.  At LightHarvest Solar, the SRNE ML4860 is our current go to import controller and is perfect for the bigger, better, cheaper, industrial grade 60 and 72 cell panels, up to 800 Watts at 12 Volts, 1600W at 24V, 2400W at 36V, or 3200W at 48V.

-High Quality, Low price,  What more do we want?

-Pre-Programed charging profiles,  Supports Lithium (the only way to go), AGM, Gel, or Flooded Lead Acid batteries PLUS fully programmable voltage settings for those non-standard batteries and experimenters.

Since we test so many products, we have come to find that about 1 in 4 "mail order" charge controllers work as advertised, about 1 in 10 we like, and only the rare few we will sell.  At first, we sold the black ones with gold faces, but they got hot and the screen went dark.  Then we sold the Tracer series with no meters, good but expensive and feature shy.  Then we sold the EP series but those had 1 serious flaw and could not develop full power in low light. We've tried a big list of other controllers too, they range from OK to D.O.A . 

Of course, price, and functionality absolutely have to be top notch and the SRNE's have excelled where others fell short.  Right out of the box the quality is apparent.

Remote meter available for the data hungry or when you have to tuck the controller out of sight.

All controllers have a down side, and the SRNE has pesky terminals, so be patient there.

The SRNE MPPT's  also comes with remote battery temperature sensor.