EP Solar Tracer 4210RN, 40 Amp, 100Volt, MPPT Charge Controller

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EP Solar Tracer 4210RN, 40 Amp, 100Volt, MPPT Charge Controller

     Introducing the biggest charge controller of the Tracer series, the giant 4210RN MPPT controller.  Capable of handling up to 500 Watts of solar panels in 12 volt systems and a whopping 1000 Watts with 24 Volts. This powerhouse is perfect for the no comprimises RV or small cabin. The amazing 4210 RN charge controller can take up to 100 volts of input (at low amperage) and transform it to 12 Volts or 24 Volts (at high amperage).  Your battery bank will be charged in a hurry and since it's an MPPT, you'll extract every last watt out of your panels.  MPPT controllers really outperform in the cloudier climates and the ability to use higher voltage gives you a  distinct advantage over low voltage panels and PWM controllers. Line loss becomes a real issue over about 200 watts and at 500 watts, MPPT quickly becomes a necessity.


Dont forget the optional meter here:  http://www.lightharvestsolar.com/catalog/item/8735073/10022420.htm





Rated system voltage

Automatic detection of 12V or 24V battery banks.

Rated battery current


Rated load current


Max.battery voltage


Max.PV open circuit voltage


Max.PV input power

12V 500W  24V 1000W



Charge Circuit Voltage Drop


Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop



TTL232 / 8 pin RJ45



Working temperature


Storage temperature range



10%-90% NC






9.53 in. x 6.65 in. x 3.58 in.

Mounting holes

7.1in.  x  6.53in.

Mounting hole size



3 AWG 


4.51 LB


·MPPT technology
·Peak conversion efficiency of 97%
·High Tracking efficiency of 99%
·Several second tracking speed
·4-Stage charge with PWM output
·Natural convection cooling
·Full power output in ambient temperature up to 45 ℃
·Temperature compensation
·Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option
·Widely used, automatically recognizes day/night
·Diversified load control
·RJ45 interface & optional meter($25)
·2 year manufacturers warranty
·CE certificate

Electronic Protections:
·PV array short circuit
·Over discharge
·Over charge
·Load overload
·Load short circuit
·PV reverse polarity
·Battery reverse polarity


Charging Parameters
Battery type (programmable) Gel Sealed Flooded
High Volt Disconnect 16V; x2/24V 16V; x2/24V 16V; x2/24V
Charging limits voltage 15.5V; x2/24V 15.5V; x2/24V 15.5V; x2/24V
Equalization voltage —— 14.6V; x2/24V 14.8V; x2/24V
Boost voltage 14.2V; x2/24V 14.4V; x2/24V 14.6V; x2/24V
Float voltage 13.8V; x2/24V 13.8V; x2/24V 13.8V; x2/24V
Boost return voltage 13.2V; x2/24V 13.2V; x2/24V 13.2V; x2/24V
Low voltage reconnect 12.6V; x2/24V 12.6V; x2/24V 12.6V; x2/24V
Under voltage recover 12.2V; x2/24V 12.2V; x2/24V 12.2V; x2/24V
Under voltage warning 12V; x2/24V 12V; x2/24V 12V; x2/24V
Low voltage disconnect 11.1V; x2/24V 11.1V; x2/24V 11.1V; x2/24V
Boost duration 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Equalize duration 2 hours 2 hours