Lion Energy Safari UT1300, 12 Volt, 105 AH Lithium Battery

Price: $899.00

Availability: Backordered until November


We've been testing Lion Energies Safari UT1200 (previous top model) in our off grid solar showroom in Portland for a while now, and have been exceptionally happy with it. The Safari UT1300 steps it up with 105 Amp Hours of capacity and 150 Amp CONTINUOUS discharge rate! This makes it the new standard for this size Lithium.  This battery is super small, super light and super powerful. High quality, high performance, good price.  We have been beating ours up and the Battery Management System hasn't missed a beat.

-This battery has a best in the business LIFETIME warranty up to 3500 cycles and they are an American company which makes it easy to resolve issues.


Battery Class - Lithium Ion

Battery Chemistry - LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate(also called LFP - Lithium FerroPhosphate)

Rated Capacity - 12.8V / 105Ah / 1344Wh

Cycle Life - 3500+ & 100% DoD
Weight - 23 Pounds
Dimensions - 10.2 X 6.6 X 8.8 Inches
Charge Rate - 100A 

Maximum Continuous Discharge Rate - 150A 

Operation Temperature - -4 to 131 ºF

Charge Temperature - 32 to 113 ºF

Warranty - Lifetime (up to 3500 cycles)