275 Watt Canadian Solar CSK275P MPPT Solar Panel Kit

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275 Watt Canadian Solar CSK275P Polycrystalline Solar Panel   

     Don't buy that generator or mail order kit! This powerful 275 Watt Canadian Solar CSK275P Solar Panel Kit will thoroughly outperform even the good ones. This is the best value at Lightharvest Solar and makes getting a powerful panel within the  budget of everyone. 275 Watts will easily charge 2 batteries every day and 4 is even reasonable, it puts out that much power.

     Perfect for RV's, sheds, outbuildings, mobile power units, anything.  This kit will easily run a 1 man construction crew if the sun is shining.  Expect to see up to upwards of 15 Amps (@ 12v)  in sun, down to around 3A on cloudier days.  This is a great setup for RV's with 2 batteries.

Prices just keep falling on these amazing devices, making mobile power affordable, easy and effective.

Included in the kit:

1- 275 Watt Canadian Solar CSK275P Polycrystalline Solar Panel

1- SRNE 30 Amp Digital MPPT Solar Charge Controller  


30 Feet of red/black solar specialty wire with MC-4 connector

6 Z Mounting brackets

2 In line blade fuse holders with fuses, butt connectors and ring connectors

Ask us about the optional remote meter.



Why is this kit better than the smaller mail order solar kits?

Better price, better performance, better quality with easier installation. Bigger, UL rated industrial grade panels are much better and less expensive but are too big to ship economically. In order to combat this, mail order kits use multiple small, more expensive, low production, low power, lower quality panels, then mate them to a low cost, low performance PWM charge controller.  This means lots of mounting holes in your roof and complicated, spaghetti noodled wires if you want real power. There are lots of disadvantages to mail order system in terms of power generated, line loss and complicated installation.  Big panels and MPPT's are the only way to go, cheaper, easier and higher performing. Why install 3 or 4 small panels when you can get more power out of just one?


Local pickup in Portland Oregon is highly recommended. If you do need this kit shipped, it goes freight to your nearest dock.  If you're on the west coast, shipping runs about $150-200, the further from Portland the more expensive. Call for quote.





Model ID CS6K-275P
Manufacturer Canadian Solar
Electrical Characteristics
Watts          (STC), W                                                       275
Maximum Power (Vmp) 31.0V
Maximum Current (Imp) 8.88A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.0V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.45A
Module Efficiency 16.8%
Power Tolerance 0-+5W
Mechanical Characteristics
Cell  Technology                                                                            Polycrystalline
Cell Size 156×156mm
Cells Qty Standard 60 Cells, 6"
Weight (Kg) 40.1 Pounds
Dimension 65" x 39" x 1.38"
Junction Box IP65
Module Color Silver Frame
Moduel Connector MC4 or Compatible