315 Watt Canadian Solar CS3K-315MS, MPPT Solar Panel Kit

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This is a super nice kit and is a great choice for all kinds of applications. Getting a  single, top quality 315 Watt, industrial solar panel with a nice MPPT controller and hardware for a $1.80/ Watt is pretty impressive. This kit replaces last years 300W panel for the same price.  

Power like this is a great match for 80-300 Amp Hours (AH) of Lithium battery.  The high side of practical would be about 400 AH (130 Lbs)of Lithium.

We've been building a ton of these systems with 2 100 AH Lithium batteries, a 2500 Watt inverter and Load Center/ Converter with awesome results.


The 315 Watt Kit includes:

- A 315 Watt Canadian Solar CS3K-315MS Monocrystalline solar panel


- A SRNE ML2430 MPPT charge controller


- 30 feet of 10-2 wire with MC-4 connectors

- 6 Z mounting Brackets

- 2 Inline fuses

- 2 Ring Connectors