885 Watts. 3-295 Watt JA Solar SMX-295P Solar Kit, $1.44/Watt!

Price: $1,300.00

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885 Watt Solar Panel Kit Using 3 JA Solar SMX-295 295 Watt Monocrystalline Panels and a Digital MPPT Charge Controller.   

     885 Watts is a great size when you need more than just the bare minimum to live in long term.  This generates a good amount of power and is superior to fossil fuel generators in most every way.  Solar is just easier, cheaper, more reliable and higher performing. Don't forget about the mess, noise, and stink either. 

With this much power, lights, phones, computer, and T.V. will be easy. In the sun, refrigerators should do well.  With Lithium batteries, tools, microwaves, small hot water heaters, induction cookstoves, coffee pots, hair driers, etc. will be possible, maybe even a small air conditioner.  Perfect for a Bigger RV or small cabin (up to about 600 square feet).

Included is a proper digital MPPT charge controller, capable of charging 12,24, or 48V battery banks.  A reasonable battery size would be maybe 200-600 AH Lithium (by FAR the best choice), or 600-1200 AH of Lead Acid. 

This is a better system than all those cabins and RV's with tons of small panels for many of reasons:

-Typical mail order panels are 100W (the lucky folks get 150W) with a PWM controller.  885 Watts with a MPPT controller is way more powerful than 800watts w/PWM. With this much power, you would need 8-100W panels instead of 3 @295W. 

-Wiring on 8 panels is VERY difficult to do right, and if you do it you must do it right, with BIG wires, combiners, etc.  Bad wire management can break a project. The 885W MPPT kit is MUCH easier to wire.

-Mounting 8 panels is way harder than mounting 3, with way more holes to leak, brackets, wires, etc.

-Higher voltage (good) means less energy is lost in the wire.

-We use higher quality, less expensive, industrial solar panels.


 The 885 Watt Kit includes:

- Three 295 JA Solar SMX-295P Monocrystalline solar panel


- A SRNE ML4860, Upgrade also available: Outback Flexmax 60MPPT charge controller.


- 40 feet of 10-2 wire with red/black wires and MC-4 connectors

- 18 Z mounting Brackets

- A 15 Amp input Breaker and A 63 Amp output breaker with DIN mounting rail, Midnite Solar.

-15 feet of  #6 Solar Wire

- 2 Ring Connectors

We can put together kits with any quantity of the JA Solar 295W panels, in 295W increments.

This 885W kit is the best price per watt because when we jump to the next step up, we incur a large jump in Charge Controller cost.