650 Watt, 2x Q-Cell Q. Peak Duo G5 Monocrystalline Solar Kit  W/ SRNE MPPT

Price: $1,050.00

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     Our 650 Watt Solar kit can really push some power, on a good day expect around 45  Amps! It uses 2, super efficient, Q-Cell Q.Peak Duo G5 325 Watt Solar panels and quality, SRNE ML4860 60 Amp MPPT charge controller. When you need a bit more power than our other kits provide at a solid price per watt, these are your best bet. With their half-cell design they do well in partial shading, expect some serious power just about anywhere!

We like to say that 500 Watts is about the minimum you can live on long term, so with this 650 Watt kit you are living a quite a bit beyond the minimum. With the right batteries, you can start to enjoy the bigger stuff like microwaves, coffee pot, big tools, small hot water heaters, etc.

We highly recommend 200-600 AH of Lithium, and not so highly recommend 400-800AH of Lead Acid batteries.


What you don't want to do:

      The last thing we want to do with a system this big is patch 6 or 7 100 Watt panels together in parallel, running huge amps through small wire into a cheap PWM controller, let alone deal with the hassle of mounting multiple panels securely and dealing with a million connections.  This is what you get from the mail order kits and it's the wrong way to design a solar system.

What you do want to do:

     Use bigger, better, more affordable, more powerful industrial panels.  Bring the voltage up on them (bringing amps down) so that we don't lose all our power in the lines, allowing longer wire runs. We then put them through a proper MPPT controller to bring that voltage to 12 volts where it needs to be, near the batteries.  There is a huge advantage to this type of system.  Less expensive and WAY BETTER

     You'll be generating fairly big power and this kit is a perfect match for 150-400AH lithium battery bank.  This would be an exceptionally nice system for a cabin or tiny home, and with the right components, you can power big loads easily.  Microwaves, hot water, fridges, induction cook stoves etc. The significance of Lithium for off grid cannot be understated.  You could live full time if you were conservative.

The 630 Watt Kit includes:

- 2- Q-Cell Q.Peak Duo 325 Watt Monocrystalline 60 cell solar panel


- 1 60 Amp SRNE ML4860 MPPT Charge Controller


- 40' of #10-2 Wire with MC-4 Connectors

- Parallel Y Connectors

- 12 Mounting Brackets

- 5' Red #6 Wire and 5' Black #6 Wire

- 2x Midi Fuse Holders with 1x 30 Amp Fuse and 1x 60 Amp Fuse

- 2x #10 x 10mm Ring Connectors

- 2x #6 x 10mm Ring Connectors

- 2x #6 x 5/16" Ring Connectors