580 Watt, 2x 290 Watt Silevo Triex U290 Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit

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580 Watt, 2x Silevo Triex U290 Solar Panel Kit with Digital MPPT Charge Controller

These Silevo panels are where it's at! 580 Watts, with the right batteries, is well enough power to handle all your daily basics! Refrigeration, lights, computers, phone, entertainment, cooking, all within the grasp of a 500+ Watt system. At 60 volts you can get a pretty crazy amount of power out of these without huge wires and tons of heating, expect to see over 40 Amps on a sunny day. Their dimensions come to just under 42" x 63", which is a perfect fit for most RVs and tiny homes/cabins. Provided your roof space is fairly clear you should have no problem getting two of these powerful 290 Watt panels on there and powering your life!

The MPPT Charge Controller technology will get you up to 30% more power vs. a PWM controller, which is why almost every system we build has a SRNE MPPT controller at the heart. Easily configurable, excellent displays, optional remote meters, and overall reliability make SRNE our favorite brand by far.



Kit Includes:

2x 290 Watt Silevo Triex U290 Monocrystalline Solar Panel

50 Amp SRNE Digital MPPT Charge Controller

40 Feet of 10-2 Tray Cable with MC-4 Connectors

1 Parallel Y Connector Set

5 Feet Red and Black #6 Cable

2 MIDI Fuse Holders with 1x 30 Amp fuse and 1x 60 Amp fuse

12 Mounting Brackets

2 #10 x 10mm Ring Connectors

2 #6 x 10mm Ring Connectors

2 #6 x 5/16" Ring Connectors


Ask about the optional remote meter or Bluetooth app!



Why is this kit better than the smaller mail order solar kits?

Better performance, better efficiency, better quality with easier installation. We use the panels that go on houses and solar farms. They're bigger, top brand, more powerful, UL Rated, less expensive and higher quality. Unfortunately they're tough to get because they're too big to ship economically and hard to find in small quantity.  We solve that problem.

Because the industrial panels are so expensive to ship, mail order kits slap together small, NOT UL RATED, more expensive, low production, low power, highly variable quality panels, then mate them to a low cost, low performance PWM charge controller.  This means lots of mounting holes in your roof, time wasted and complicated, spaghetti noodled wires if you want above 200 watts. This is what most people have on vehicles and is just not the best.

There are lots of disadvantages to mail order system in terms of power generated, electrical line loss and complicated installation.  Big industrial panels and MPPT's are the only way to go, cheaper, easier and higher performing. Why install 3 or 4 small panels when you can get more power out of just one?