Vehicle Installations

LightHarvest Solar does the best solar installations on vehicles!


We are now taking reservations for solar installations on your vehicle.  If you are looking for the highest performing solar systems out there, look no further.  We use the best Industrial grade solar panels, MPPT charge controllers, Lithium batteries, and Pure Sine Wave inverters.  We can do it all, from installing solar panels using your existing batteries to the highest performance full systems. 

Shop rate is $105 per hour. Installation time can vary greatly but here are a few examples of what to expect:

Single solar panel kit installed to your existing batteries:  8-12 Hours

Each extra solar panel:  2-4 Hours

Enclosures: 3-6 Hours

Battery installation:  2-4  Hours each depending on complexity and how many batteries are installed.

Inverter installation: 3-6 Hours.  Turns your 12 Volt Direct Current(D/C) car power into 120 Volt Alternating Current (A/C) house power.

Converter installation: 2-4 Hours.    Charges your batteries with 120 Volt Alternating Current (A/C) house power changing into 12 Volt Direct Current(D/C).

Charging circuit to charge from your vehicle alternator: 4-6 Hours

Connecting 120 Volt AC power to your existing outlet plugs: 4-6 Hours

Power distribution fuse blocks: 2-4 Hours

The variation is due to the ease of component placement and installation.  The easiest and cheapest tends to be a bare chassis with exposed walls while the most difficult is an RV that needs lots of disassembly to hide the wires and lots of crawling into tight spaces.