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Relion RB170, 170Amp Hour (AH), 12 Volt Battery with a 200 Amp Continuous Discharge rate!

The Relion RB 170 is a special battery, chosen because of it's incredible 200 Amp discharge rate and a capacity that puts it right in the sweet spot for single battery systems, at a great price point.

Why do we love this battery so much?

1) It's crazy powerful. You better make sure to use huge wire and good fusing because this monster can discharge upward of 2500 Watts continuous. That's a big deal because most of the Lithiums out there are only rated at 100 Amps (about 1200 Watts at 12V). While that's pretty impressive, it will fall short of the 1500 W that is so common in things like Microwaves, hair dryers, coffee pots, toaster ovens, induction cookstoves, skillets, air conditioners, etc,etc,etc..

2) It's easier and cheaper to put one battery in than two. Since this one battery has the discharge rate of two, we can save ourselves a fair amount of grief in wiring, fusing and mounting. Running batteries in parallel is a pain and is easy to mess up.

3) We love the size and shape of this high quality battery as well as the included straps which makes mounting easy.

4) While 1 battery is a beast, 2 is a maniac. That means 400 Amps continuous with 340 Amp Hours capacity. Better use the big bus bars! With this much power you can really run most anything, including the big stuff like well pumps, welders, or multiple smaller loads. This makes your RV unstoppable.

Take a look at the Manufacturers website:

12V 170AH Relion Lithium Battery, RB170

Will be in stock by June 5th
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