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Kit Price $3145.05 * Full Price $3494.50



This is a full off-grid power system, ideal for off-grid cabins or backup power in case of outages. With a 2000W inverter and 5kwh of LiFePO4 battery you can run just about any appliance without issue, and with 640W of solar you'll stay ahead of constant draws like fridges, lights, etc. In good sun, running an air conditioner or other high-wattage device for hours at a time becomes very doable with a system like this.


For more information on the EP500 power station, see Bluetti's store page HERE


*All kits come with a custom wiring diagram*


Kit Includes:

Bluetti EP500 5.1kWh All-In-One Solar Power Station

320 Watt Longi LR6-60HPH-320M Monocrystalline Solar Panel× 2


30A DC Output Cable for EP500

#10-2 Tray Cable x 30


MC-4 Connector × 2

Off-Grid Kit - EP500 - 640W Solar