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AC/DC vehicle kit with the LightHarvest Aspen all-in-one power station and a Talesun 400W Bifacial Solar Panel.


This complete kit is for folks doing full buildouts, a DC distribution panel for everything 12 Volt  and the ease, value and portability of a solar generator.  


Perfect for the weekend camper or a smaller van, this solar power system will do amazing things like cook, boil water, refrigeration, lights, computers, phones, big tools, hairdriers, it can power most anything.  With 405 Watts of solar and alternator charging, you'll recharge fast.   


Simply plug solar into your Aspen power center and store the power of the sun in the big 2 KWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.  


You can pull that stored power out any time in multiple convienent ways.  The 2000 Watt pure Sine Wave inverter will power most anything with a standard wall plug.  The Aspen has 30 Amps total of 12 Volt DC, 4 standard USB's, 1 USB-C, and 2 wireless phone chargers.


We use a Victron inverter and the Aspens charging brick to charge via your vehicle alternator while driving.


Great for contractor rigs.


*All kits come with a custom wiring diagram*



1x LightHarvest Aspen Power Staition

1x Talesun Solar 400-Watt Monochrystaline solar panel

30ftx 30 amp Tray Cable

4x MC-4 Connector

1x 25A DC output cable for the Aspen

1x Progressive Dynamics DC panel

1x Shore power plug, Black

1x Locking plug adapter, 15a standard male to 30a radial female

1x Set of six Z brackets

1x Hammer crimper

1x Cable entry box with gland

1x Dicor roof sealant

LightHarvest Aspen Vehicle Kit DC

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