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Welcome to the Lightharvest Solar Testimonial Page – where our customers' stories shine as bright as the sun! At Lightharvest Solar, our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and top-quality solar products has powered us through countless sunny days and starry nights. We're immensely proud to share the voices of our satisfied customers, whose experiences not only illuminate the benefits of solar energy but also reflect the trust they've placed in us. Join us on this journey through their words and discover why Lightharvest Solar stands as a beacon of excellence in the solar industry.


5 Stars!

In preparation for a 3-month summer trip, I was piecing together knowledge from various solar resources online. Thankfully I ran across someone that mentioned Light Harvest. I walked in with a general idea what I wanted and walked out with the assurance that I got everything I needed. Phew! Talk about taking the guesswork out of the process. The ability to buy the solar components along with all the required wiring and terminals was amazing. The 400w panel, Aspen 2.0, and Victron inverter were flawless. I was so happy they convinced me to add the inverter. All it took was a couple of days of cloud cover to prove it's value. There is no "range anxiety" when you can flip a switch and charge from your vehicle. Thanks to everyone at Light Harvest for helping me create priceless memories!

-Michael Pickering

5 Stars!

Light Harvest Solar is an excellent local source for DIY solar projects (including RV solar projects). I bought my first set of equipment from them many years ago when they were operating just out of a metal storage container. They've grown tremendously since then and now have a huge building. They have maintained their same great community focus, though. Highly recommended for DIY solar projects.

-Charles Lewis

5 Stars!

This place was awesome! I walked in without calling, looking for a replacement power supply for my Bluetti solar generator that suddenly died. They sold me an extra one they had to get me back on the road, and they ordered the replacement for themselves. And the new one was twice as strong as my old one! Saving me gas money, and time to charge. I even tried to pay a little extra for the hook up and he declined. Highly suggest atleast giving them a call for your needs. Definitely going to try and buy from them when I want to upgrade.

-Matt L

5 Stars!

This company and crew are fantastic. We bought our system for a Sprinter van conversion from them which included a Victron Multiplus, Solar and all charge controllers, cables and every single thing we needed. They even gave me a laminated sheet describing in very clear detail how best to install. Everyone here I spoke with goes out of thier way to be helpful and really care about what they do. I can't recommend them highly enough.

-Ben Mund

5 Stars!

Expertise on mobile solar/energy solutions is actually very hard to come by even in this age of information access. After spending a frustrated few months trying to get a ready made solution to work, the team at Light Harvest spent time understanding my build and providing what I needed in reliable equipment and customer service. They went so far as to design and laminate the schematic to get me what I needed. Of course I could have purchased one of their awesome plug and play systems, however, I wanted to learn how to do my first build. John answered all my questions and supported my learning goal of how to build a system from components. Thanks, Light Harvest Solar! (See the photos of the build. My neighbor and friend helped substantially with the actual construction)

Eight months later… was on the road and ran into a hiccup with the system. I contacted the crew (Carter and John) and they walked me through the trouble shooting that only experience and expertise could provide. I was able to repair on the road and now back to off grid living! Thanks again LHS!! Absolutely the best customer experience

-Michael Salitore

5 Stars!

Wow, talk about great service! John and Amber reminded us of what customer service was like pre-pandemic. If they can do anything to help, they will. Regardless of profits their first concern is your solar issue. John could've bamboozled us, told us our batteries were bad, and had us spend thousands of dollars with them. Instead, they tested and charged our current battery power bank, and helped us move forward with our existing system with greater confidence.

Solar systems are still relatively new, and they tend to have quite a few variables at play. We've struggled to find someone who could speak competently and plainly about our solar system. That is until we met John and Amber. John helped us get our system in working order, and asked for nothing in return. Talk about good people!

For any, and all, of your solar concerns, reach out to Light Harvest Solar. They are knowledgeable, honest, and do great work.



We have our 4-panel array up on posts/frame.  It’s stationary for our purposes but bolts are adjustable if absolutely needed.  We are generally around 85-95% at end of day even using power throughout the day.  For example, we have lights on in 2 rooms all day thus far, charging Milwaukee power tools of and on all day, ran hair dryer and straightener for about 20 mins, a load of laundry (wash only), vacuumed, ran 6 cups of Keurig coffee, toaster, on demand 12V water pump, and even ran 1200-watt space heater for 3 hours this AM.  That had us down to about 67% at 11AM, it's now 2PM and we're back up to 85% with off and on overcast conditions. 


For any other potential Bluetti EP 500 customers:  so far, it's been great, we've not had to run the gas generator to charge it a single time since (after) the first week when we weren't really set up properly.   I would highly recommend, though, that you ensure a Bluetti customer get enough panel power for charging.  With (4) 400-watt panels we are in phenomenal shape!  Adding the 2 additional panels was a game changer for stormy days.  Even on a two day stretch with heavy cloud cover, thick smoke from Canadian wildfires and little to no charge watts coming through, we had enough battery storage to carry us through normal power use (we actually went overboard those days, leaving things on to test out consumption), and only got down to 35%!  Based on our experiment, we can likely get through 6 days "low normal" use or 12 day's "careful" usage without need of generator should we experience a prolonged period of extremely bad weather or if, God forbid, something terrible happened to our panel array.   In sun we can power our off-grid cabin and travel trailer just fine.  However, we do use propane for our full-size refrigerator, stove, and on demand water heater.   We used the Bluetti to run the fridge one day but decided against that on a regular basis, thus it's an option for back up if we need ran out of propane or such. 


For folks like us, with little solar background and major solar ignorance, I would highly recommend the Bluetti EP500!   At your sale price, the value for $$ invested, vs time to set up, vs educational value, vs performance, vs ease makes the total package value a "no brainer".  It's simple to use, simpler to read, user friendly, and plug-n-play.  Having this type of system to start with, is actually helping us more fully understand "solar" in general.


Feel free to share this email with a potential Bluetti EP 500 customer.  As a customer who knew nothing, it would've helped us a lot to hear real world details from another customer at the point of purchase; though in our situation your solid customer service and honesty, as well as prayers to the Lord to guide us to a proper purchase for our circumstances, saw us through the decision-making process.   


Many thanks and hopefully the Bluetti EP500 will continue to meet our needs as we transition into winter!


-Carrie Martin

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