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Off-Grid Residential Solar

Do you have a cabin or remote property? Well, the days of living with sub par electricity are over.  Off grid solar now rivals the grid and it gets better and more affordable every day.   No more loud, stinky generators.  No more spilled gas.   You'll be amazed at what solar can do!  Less expensive, higher performing, and more reliable. Next level power is what you want.  We can make it easy.

Opting for off-grid solar power provides not only energy independence but also significant financial savings. By harnessing clean, renewable energy sources, off-grid systems eliminate electricity bills and reduce reliance on costly traditional utilities. This financial autonomy, coupled with environmental sustainability, makes off-grid solar an attractive and economically savvy choice for many households and businesses alike.

Here are five reasons to DIY your off-grid cabin solar system: Cost Savings: DIY installations typically incur lower labor costs compared to hiring professional installers, allowing you to save money on your off-grid solar system setup. Customization: DIY projects offer the flexibility to customize your off-grid solar system according to your cabin's specific energy needs and available space, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Learning Experience: Building your off-grid solar system provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about solar technology, energy management, and sustainable living practices, empowering you with valuable skills and knowledge. Control and Ownership: Taking on the project yourself gives you full control over every aspect of your off-grid solar system, from component selection to installation techniques, fostering a sense of ownership and self-reliance. Satisfaction and Pride: Completing a DIY off-grid solar installation brings a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing that you've built an essential component of your sustainable lifestyle, contributing to environmental stewardship and energy independence.

Not sure where to start.  Fill out our watt usage calculator.


Fill in the table below to approximate your energy consumption. We've included various typical household appliances commonly found in off-grid residences. Remember to account for all items, emphasizing the use of energy-efficient appliances. Also, note that significant heating loads (such as water and air heating) are often non-electric.

Instructions: Add appliances that you use, adjust the quantity and hours on per day, hit calculate.

Residential Calculator

Results for the number panels and batteries are based on a 400-Watt panel and a 100Ah 48v Lithium Battery

Once you have figured out your energy needs, you can shop our kits below, or shop all solar HERE.

If you need more assistance, you can fill out our questionnaire and get an estimate that is custom to your needs.

Off-Grid Residential

The Residential Clean Energy Credit, also known as the solar federal tax credit, equals 30% of the costs of new, qualified clean energy property for your home installed anytime from 2022 through 2032.

Here's how it works:

Credit Percentage: The credit percentage rate phases down to 26% for property placed in service in 2033 and 22% for property placed in service in 2034. The credit is nonrefundable, meaning it can't exceed the amount you owe in tax, but any excess unused credit can be carried forward to future years.

Eligible Expenses: Qualified expenses include the costs of new clean energy property such as solar electric panels, solar water heaters, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps, fuel cells, and battery storage technology (beginning in 2023). Labor costs for onsite preparation, assembly, or original installation of the property may also qualify.

Qualified Clean Energy Property: Clean energy property (equipment) must meet specific standards to qualify, such as certification requirements for solar water heaters and Energy Star requirements for geothermal heat pumps.

How to Claim the Credit: To claim the credit, file Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits, with your tax return for the tax year when the property is installed, not merely purchased.

Off-Grid Residential Questionnaire

Off-Grid Residential Solar Questionnaire

Fill out our questionnaire below to get a custom estimate that meet your energy needs!

If you fill out this questionnaire, please use the calculator above first and save your CSV file.

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