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The Victron 2000 Watt MultiPlus is a great option for a smaller off-grid kit! If you're looking to power any single high load like an induction cookstove, microwave, toaster, larger tools, A/C unit or anything else up to 2000 Watts, this inverter will do the job.


With the optional VE.Bus Bluetooth Dongle, you can control your MultiPlus from the Victron Connect App on any Bluetooth enabled device, and you can set the voltage that it shuts off at.


That means you can program it to only turn on when your car is running, and turn itself off before it drains your battery, which can be a handy feature for charging devices from your vehicle's alternator.


Charges the battery from any external 120V AC plug like a generator or 'shore' power such as a house or RV park.





DC Input: 12V

AC Output: 120V

Max Continuous Discharge Rate: 2000VA / 1600W

Maximum efficien