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Solar panels can be connected together in either Series ( + to -) or Parallel (+ to +) configurations. Connecting two panels in series turns the panels into effectively one panel, which can simplify installation, but it also makes the array more susceptible to shading. If any part of any panel is shaded in a series configuration, the total output of the array drops dramatically.


A parallel configuration solves this problem. In a parallel configuration, the output of one panel is not affected by the output of the other panels, which can make your array more efficient in partial shade, which is common when panels are mounted on vehicles.


This parallel 3-to-1 cable makes connecting three panels in parallel super easy, and can improve the overall power output of your system. If you're looking to connect TWO panels in parallel, check out our Parallel Y-Cables instead!


Dimensions: 11 in./ea.

Weight: 0.5 lb./ea.

3 Into 1 Mc-4 Parallel Cables

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