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Build Your Own Off-Grid Kit!

None of our pre-designed kits quite right for your project? Try our modular system! We’ve broken our designs into smaller packages that combine with the Base Module, allowing you to customize your own power kit while keeping our tried-and-true design principles and part selection. Some needs may be outside what the modular system can provide, please reach out for a custom quote if that seems like the case!

All Modules come with appropriately sized wire, lugs, breakers and/or fuses, and are designed to be used with other Modules, and with the Base Module in particular. Many of these Modules can be purchased as drop-in kits for use with other systems, but you may need additional hardware or end up with extra parts if used with other designs. 

All Modular kits ordered will be reviewed by our team to ensure the desired setup will work as intended. We also include both a wiring diagram and component-specific guides to help set you up for success.


Base Module: Pick 1 based on inverter size and number of batteries.
Inverter Module: Pick 1 based on needed wattage and desired control method.
Battery Module: Pick 2 of the 2-battery version, or 3-6 of the 3+ battery version.

Solar Module: Pick 1 based on total solar array wattage.
Alternator Charger Module: Select 1 for most vehicle systems. Skip for stationary applications.
AC/DC Distribution Module: Select 1 for most systems. Skip if you have very few outlets (~3 or less).

Solar Panels: Pick 1-4 based on available space.

Accessories: Pick as needed.

If you need a single-battery system (100-200AH) or more than 6 (1200AH+) please reach out for a custom quote.