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Our alternator charging package for power stations! Ideal for the Aspen, AC200P and Ecoflow Delta Pro power stations and many more. If you want to charge your power staition from your vehicle's own electrical system while driving, this is the package for you. With this kit, it allows you to charge your power station from your vehicle as well as from solar. This ensures your always charged when you make camp, even on cloudy or rainy days!


*Will work reliably to charge power stations via the AC adapter up to 600W, which includes all power stations advertised on our website and many from other brands.



1 - Victron phoenix 12V/800W/120V inverter

1 - Victron VE. Smart Dongle

1 - 80 Amp Eaton Thermal Circuit Breaker

20ft - #4 Welding Cable Red

20ft - #4 Welding Cable Black

2 - #4 1/4 Lug Ring Terminal

2 - #4 5/16 Lug Ring Terminal

Alternator Charging for Power Stations

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