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Strengthened XR Rail Connections

  • The BOSS™ is strong—eliminating restrictions, such as installing the splice on interior and end rail spans. This means that spliced rail can be used more freely and allows you to save on system costs. It also means fewer steps and frustration around planning the proper splice locations.

Integrated Bonding Teeth

  • The built-in bonding spring has teeth that bite inside rail while providing an easy connection that requires little force or hardware. NOTE: For 100+ feet of rail, be sure to leave a 1” gap—still close enough for teeth to fully engage (no straps needed).

Centered Stop Tab

  • A physical stop provides tactile feedback allowing you to properly center the splice between two rails. Also, alignment circles on either side will guide you to where to align the splice for 1” expansion gaps.

IronRidge Bonded Structural Splice, BOSS, For XR-100 Rail XR100-BOSS-01-M1

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