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SL-3000 Features
All-in-one design: Bi-directional inverter/charger.

4 charging stages with the max charging current up to 125A.

Battery Types include  GEL, AGM, FLOODED, and CUSTOM.

Power rate of AC bypass capability up to 12000W.
Automatically various operating modes:

Power Sharing.
Power Generation.
Power Support
-20℃ ~40℃ full load operation with the power derating

UL458 for Vehicle & Marine, Supplement SA.

Compact design (3000W @ 22.6 kg, 49.78 lbs).

Accessory: Inverter charge remote controller CR-20 / CR-16B and RVC Bridge (CT-512).

Cotek SL-3000-112, 12 Volt, 3000 Watt, Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

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