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Introducing the Home Power Station, your all-in-one solution for off-grid living. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to power your home with clean, renewable energy, even in the most remote locations.


At the heart of the Home Power Station are three EG4 6000XP inverters, delivering a combined power output of 18,000 watts at 120/240V. These inverters ensure reliable and efficient conversion of solar energy into usable electricity for your household appliances.

To store the energy generated by your solar panels, the kit includes nine Battery Racks equipped with 54 EG4 LLS Batteries, boasting a total capacity of 276.48 kWh. This ample battery storage ensures uninterrupted power supply, day or night.


With a 30,000-watt solar array and a ground mount system, the Home Power Station maximizes solar capture efficiency, harnessing the sun's energy to its fullest potential. The system is complemented by six MidNite Solar Lightning 300 charge controllers and three MidNite Solar Lightning 600 charge controllers, optimizing battery charging and ensuring long-term battery health.


For seamless integration and safety, the kit includes three sets of EG4 6000XP battery cables, six IMO discos, and an emergency shutdown switch. Additionally, a 300-foot 10-2 cable provides ample wiring for connecting the various components of the system.


For added versatility, the Home Power Station offers an optional Generator Plug and Entry Box, allowing you to seamlessly integrate a backup generator into your off-grid setup, providing peace of mind during extended periods of low sunlight.


Experience the freedom of off-grid living with the Home Power Station. Whether you're seeking energy independence or preparing for emergencies, this comprehensive solar kit has you covered, providing reliable, sustainable power wherever you go.

Home Power Station

  • Shipping time is 5 to 8 days for EG4 products. NOTE: We don't currently stock all EG4 products in our Portland warehouse. Some EG4 products are drop-shipped directly to you from their factory, we unfortunately do not have them available for local pickup unless that is arranged in advance. Buying drop-shipped items through us still allows you access to our tech support and we will still be your first point of contact for any warranty issues.

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