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Lion Sanctuary™

Residential Smart Energy Storage System

Home battery backup for those unexpected energy emergencies.


Prepare for the next power outage with the safest, quietest backup power generator.

The Lion Energy Sanctuary system stores 13.5kWh of backup power to automatically keep your house running during those unexpected power outages.

Avoid noisy, fuel-powered generators that require upkeep and maintenance. The Sanctuary uses lithium iron phosphate battery cells to give you immediate power that is safe, silent, and renewable. No maintenance is required.



Grid, gas generators, panels, wind turbines, all produce energy that is pushed to our incredibly safe lithium iron phosphate battery storage system.

Our expandable and maintenance-free battery storage system holds energy for when and where you need to use it, creating a perfect 24/7 energy backup for your home



You decide the size of your backup system. You can be prepared to cover just your essentials for the duration of an outage or power everything in your home for longer.

Proprietary software monitors the level of your energy storage and pulls power from the least expensive source at the best possible time, so you are always efficient with your power usage.



Use the right amount of power at the right time. Even “fill up” portable energy sources so you can have power remotely.

"Time of use” allows you to reduce the cost of your energy by powering up the Sanctuary during lower-cost times and using it during higher-cost periods.

Be protected 24/7. Have peace of mind.


Smart Energy Storage

The Lion Sanctuary dramatically reduces energy cost when either paired with solar panels or in areas that have peak billing.

Solar panels typically are most efficient during periods of lower demand. Pairing solar panels with the Lion Sanctuary stores energy during the day for use during peak usage time in the evening and early morning.

In areas where energy costs have peak and off-peak billing times, the Sanctuary can be set to collect energy from the grid during off-peak times for use during peak hours, thus mitigating energy costs.


With the Inflation Reduction Act, residential batteries installed in 2023 can qualify* for the 30% federal tax credit, even if they aren’t attached to solar panels. This may allow you to save thousands and is a key to unlocking affordable, clean energy.

Lion Sanctuary™ Residential Smart Energy Storage System

  • We have a no-questions-asked return policy within 30 days for items that are unused and in good enough condition to be re-sold. Buyer must pay shipping, except on defective items. After 30 days a 15% restocking fee will be applied.

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