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MC-4 connectors are the connectors found on nearly all modern solar panels. They are designed to be connected together once, and then maintain a secure, watertight connection for many years.


They are NOT designed to be easy to disconnect, since that could cause them to disconnect by accident, so in order to disconnect them easily, you'll need a small tool that can push on the two plastic barbs that otherwise prevention disconnection.


This set gives you two small plastic tools that make it easy to disconnect MC-4 connectors, and can help you add MC-4 connectors to the ends of wires. Our tray cables, which we include with nearly all of our kits, include MC-4 connectors pre-crimped onto the wires, so these tools aren't typically necessary for your install but can make moving, replacing, or rearranging your panels a lot easier.


Dimensions: 4.25 in.

Weight: 0.03 lb

MC-4 Disconnect tool

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