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The Solar Saver, our entry level off-grid package, is perfect for...


With our off-grid solar package, you can break free from traditional power sources and embrace sustainable energy solutions tailored to your needs. Designed for reliability and efficiency, this package includes:

  • EG4 6000xp Inverter/Charger (6000-Watts): Experience seamless power conversion and charging capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply for your off-grid lifestyle.
  • (2) EG4 LiFe4 48v 100AH batteries: Enjoy long-lasting and dependable energy storage to keep your essential appliances running smoothly.
  • 2400w solar with 6 x 400-Watt Panels: Tap into the abundant solar energy with high-performance panels, providing ample power generation for your daily needs.
  • 1 IMO DC disconnect: Ensure safety and control over your solar system with a reliable disconnect mechanism.
  • 50’ 10-2 Solar Wire: Facilitate easy and secure connections between components for hassle-free installation.
  • 1 x EG4 6000xp battery cable set: Optimize the performance of your system with quality battery cables designed for efficiency and durability.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Generator Plug and Entry Box: Enhance flexibility and backup options by integrating a generator into your off-grid setup.
  • Ground Mount for up to 8 panels: Maximize solar exposure and installation versatility with a sturdy ground-mount solution for your panels.


Experience the freedom and reliability of off-grid living with our all-inclusive solar package. Empower yourself with sustainable energy solutions that prioritize performance, durability, and convenience. Take the first step towards energy independence today!




Solar Saver (Entry Level)

  • We have a no-questions-asked return policy within 30 days for items that are unused and in good enough condition to be re-sold. Buyer must pay shipping, except on defective items. After 30 days a 15% restocking fee will be applied.

  • Shipping time is 5 to 8 days for EG4 products. NOTE: We don't currently stock all EG4 products in our Portland warehouse. Some EG4 products are drop-shipped directly to you from their factory, we unfortunately do not have them available for local pickup unless that is arranged in advance. Buying drop-shipped items through us still allows you access to our tech support and we will still be your first point of contact for any warranty issues.

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