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Introducing 'Independent': Your Complete Solution for Unparalleled Off-Grid Freedom

Take charge of your energy future with our comprehensive off-grid solar package, aptly named 'Independent.' Engineered to provide unrivaled reliability and autonomy, this package includes everything you need for self-sustaining power:

  • EG4 6000XP: A powerhouse inverter/charger boasting 6000 watts of power, ensuring seamless energy conversion and management for your off-grid lifestyle.
  • 6 EG4 LL 48v Lithium 100AH Batteries: Experience long-lasting and dependable energy storage with high-performance lithium batteries, providing ample capacity for your energy needs.
  • Battery Rack: Organize and secure your battery bank with a sturdy rack designed for optimal space utilization and easy access.
  • 10000w Solar (25 400-Watt Panels): Harness the full potential of solar energy with a robust solar array, delivering abundant power generation to sustain your independent lifestyle.
  • Ground Mount System: Maximize solar exposure and installation flexibility with a reliable ground mount system, ensuring optimal performance for your solar panels.
  • 2 x IMO Disconnects: Ensure safety and control over your solar system with reliable disconnect mechanisms, offering peace of mind and ease of maintenance.
  • 100’ 10-2 Solar Wire: Facilitate easy and secure connections between components with high-quality solar wire, designed for durability and efficiency.
  • 1 x EG4 6000XP Battery Cable Set: Optimize the performance of your battery bank with quality cables designed for efficiency and reliability.
  • 2 Midnite Solar Lightning 300: Enhance system protection with lightning arrestors, safeguarding your investment against electrical surges.
  • 1 Midnite Solar Lightning 600: Further fortify your system against lightning strikes and electrical disturbances with additional lightning protection.
  • Optional Generator Plug and Entry Box: Enhance backup options and system flexibility by integrating a generator into your off-grid setup, ensuring uninterrupted power supply when needed.


Experience true independence with our 'Independent' off-grid solar package. Say goodbye to reliance on traditional power sources and hello to sustainable energy solutions designed to empower and inspire. Take the first step towards freedom today!

The Independent

  • If you can come pick-up your off-grid package, you can save $1000! You can pick-up your order from us Moday through Friday 10am to 6pm, at our location in Portland Oregon.

  • Shipping time is 5 to 8 days for EG4 products. NOTE: We don't currently stock all EG4 products in our Portland warehouse. Some EG4 products are drop-shipped directly to you from their factory, we unfortunately do not have them available for local pickup unless that is arranged in advance. Buying drop-shipped items through us still allows you access to our tech support and we will still be your first point of contact for any warranty issues.

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